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Alcester in Tasmania Last edited: 24/08/2011 13:53:14

Alcester friendly services at the Riverside parish, Launceston, Tasmania. The Rev Prof Dr Benno Alexander Zuiddam is the incumbant minister. He may be contacte... more

Alcester Baptist Church Last edited: 22/08/2009 11:46:27

Alcester Baptist Church is situated near to the War Memorial Town Hall. Our main service is held at 10.30am each Sunday when you will be assured of a warm we... more

Renewal Christian Centre Last edited: 08/04/2009 14:54:13

A charismatic Free Methodist Church, meeting every Sunday at 6.00pm at the Greig Hall, Alcester(including Faith Builders for children from 4 - 12 years old). ... more

Nick's Sanctuary Last edited: 08/05/2007 12:34:02

Nick Payne is a Christian living and worshipping in the Alcester area. His website is an ongoing personal testimony that wrestles with faith, the news, relation... more

Our Lady and St. Joseph's R.C. Church, Alcester Last edited: 26/05/2006 23:36:26

The Website of the Catholic Parish based in Alcester.... more


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