Alcester Court Leet


What is the Alcester Court Leet?

  • The local Lord of the Manor created the Alcester Court Leet ' by Royal Consent' in medieval times over 700 years ago.
  • The function of the Court Leet was to assist the Lord of the Manor in the administration of his estate and the manor of Alcester.
  • The Court Leet was the court of minor criminal law, as well as holding a weekly market where the quality of produce was monitored.

Who are the members of the Alcester Court Leet?

  • The current Lord of the Manor is the Most Honourable Henry Jocelyn Seymour Marquess of Hertford.
  • Members of the Court Leet are all persons who have formally sworn the ancient Oath of Frankpledge.
  • New members automatically become Jurymen of the Court.
  • Court Leet Officers are elected annually from and by the Jurymen at a ceremony held each October in Alcester Town Hall.
  • Elected officers wear the traditional ceremonial robes of their office on all formal Court occasions.

To find out who the elected officers for this year are – see below.

What does the Alcester Court Leet do today?

  • Maintains the traditions and ceremonies that have been particular to the area of Alcester over the last 700 years.
  • Organises and participates in many events for the benefit of the community of Alcester.
  • Raises funds for distribution to local organisations and charities.
  • Ceremoniously dressed officers can be seen participating in, or re-enacting their ancient roles at events throughout the year, bringing to people today glimpses of Alcester’s colourful past.

Contact Us

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Court Leet please visit our Website.

Or email: The High Bailiff who will be pleased to give you all relevant information.

    If you contact Alcester Court Leet please tell them you found them using

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