Coughton Court Experience

Back in mid to late 1994/1995 I used to work at Coughton, and one of my jobs to was to open & close the house, on the night I am recalling I was closing the gatehouse, tower & south wing. This was around 1:30am in the morning, I started by working my dozen from the tower roof, working down through the house, right from the get go let me say that I felt something wasn't right, before anyone questions me I was alone and I knew that there was nobody else in the gatehouse and south side of the house, as I worked my down I was aware of a feeling of intense hostility, of someone/thing? Questioning my right to be closing the house, from room to room starting first in the yellow(small drawing room), I was aware of being watched by someone/thing? Watching me just out of sight (corner of the eye), following me, but not harming me, through to the green drawing room (now blue) down the staircase to the dining room, again watching me as I pulled blinds down, covering cases, etc, now I had the door to safe open, where the silver was stored from the dining room, which I used to put away, again I was aware of the feeling of bring watched, piece by piece, plate by silver plate, covered up and put in the safe, back n forth, putting the silver away, til every last piece was in the safe and safe securely locked and key stowed away back in the drawer of the side where the silver statue of a stag was kept, I then waked back down the three steps from the safe down into the dining room, and all the time I was very much aware of bring watched and hated,,after I had drawn the three window blinds down. & after having pulled down the blind overlooking the courtyard, I went up to the two tapestry rooms passing on the left the small closet(?) with peep hole looking down into the tribune, I then went into the tapestry bedroom & closed all the blinds in the room, having switched off all the lamps in the ante room, back down past the small closet out of the dining room closing the door behind me, with a growing sense of hostility being aimed at me, whilst I was drawing the cover of queen Mary's cope and pulling the dust sheets over the cases in the tribune, I was aware of being watched from the peep hole in the upper right hand of the tribune when I looked however there was no one there, then after having closed the double doors I proceeded down the right hand details of the double staircase into the saloon, having beforehand switched off the lights at the panel set into the door frame of the double doors, I walked to the far end of the saloon and drew closed the blinds either side of the fireplace, then drew closed all the blinds covers etc fun the saloon, all time experiencing a feeling of hostility being aimed at me from the landing of the double staircase overlooking the saloon, finally I went through the panelled little passageway (where the abdication letters were kept), past the peep hole in the panelling looking into a priests hole(?) finally shutting the double doors out of the saloon, as soon as I did this I heard a tremendous bang from the tapestry rooms, as if a painting/tapestry/piece of furniture etc had fallen down, and without hearing anything else, I knew without any hesitation that I was being warned to get out of the house and not go back, which I promptly did, the next day I came in and checked out the source of the bang that I had heard coming from the tapestry rooms but didn't find anything. A couple of years later I left Coughton Court and didn't return till 2001 as a visitor, even then I was aware of a sense of hostility behind aimed at me, but nothing more....

That was the only time were I was truly frightened throughout the time I worked at Coughton, can anyone explain to me or at least suggest what I experienced? If you can please contact me.






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