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Community Archive Project

A team has been set up and is actively working on gathering and digitising contributions that illustrate life in and around the district, from all periods of history.

Information in any format is welcomed: documents, photos, ephemera, maps etc. in hard copy or digital format. The team will scan and index the information and either return it or archive it.

More volunteers are needed to work on this interesting project!

If you know your way around a computer then scanning or indexing might be for you. If not, you might like to team up with someone who does and work together. Many photos have already been scanned and we have a reasonable index but it needs some work: if you know Alcester folk well and would like to spend an hour or two looking through the collection pointing out who or what you recognise, we'd like to hear from you!

Remembering Life In The Arrow Valley

Alcester Heritage Network, AHN is creating a social memoir of life in the district for a new community archive. Everyone has a story or two to tell, and we'd like to collect and collate your reminiscences, photos and mementos of life and community in the district.

  • Were you born here?
  • Did you originate somewhere else and then move here? What were your first impressions?
  • Did you go to school or work here?
  • Do you have photos from family or national events here? What else do you remember?

Please use the contact form below for more details. I'll be happy to receive emailed or written submissions, or to meet up for a chat and record one.

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Watch this space ........

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