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Software Development

Our unique design methodology and toolkit (GERM) enables us to build sophisticated systems rapidly, and most importantly, with a very high degree of reliability. The approach we take not only ends with a system the client is happy with, but is also flexible enough to add or change the functionality of the software as the needs of the business dictate.

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Key Benefits
The advantages of our unique design system that emphasizes flexibility, reliability, functionality and rapid development
A dedicated development team with the experience to deliver
Confidence that your system will be supported and expanded as needed


Want a change in the system? No problem. Where others would have to re-build the system from the ground up to     incorporate  major changes, our products are 'soft' enough to cope. This means no loss of data, fast turn over of development and less cost.
Our systems have been tested in professional environments with a very high standard of success. A more reliable system means fewer interruptions to your business and less maintenance.
Rapid Development
Redenet's team of developers are skilled at getting it right, first time, and quickly.

Case Studies

Core Asbestos Management System

Redenet development has developed some of the most innovative software systems available. Our CORE software, (Asbestos Management System) has been rated the best software system in its field with numerous excellent and unique features.

Redenet has currently exclusive UK rights to the amazing GERM software toolkit. Which allows applications literally to be plugged together, producing software systems that are tailored exactly to user requirements, quickly and efficiently, producing a highly robust software system.

Heard it all before; then consider the following:

On July 1st 2002 Redenet started development of the CORE software (Asbestos Management system) with no previous knowledge of Asbestos Management Systems

After two Months of development on September 6th 2002 CORE was installed live at Heathrow to manage the Asbestos Risk for British Airways.

In November 2002 CORE was independently assessed and rated the 'best of breed' software system.

In December 2003 after 15 months of being live the number of support calls reached 8.

The CORE software is now being used to manage asbestos data for other large institutions, councils and schools.

In summary the GERM software Toolkit has allowed Redenet to develop a complex software system in two months, which is deemed the best, without any prior industry knowledge, adding new functions at will, without meeting any system design constraints and could do this for any of your software requirements.

Redenet can advise on suitable IT solutions, design bespoke software applications developing these applications quickly and competitively without compromising quality or functionality, install, train and support.

Inkjet and Toner Cartridge Supplies

Huge Savings on Printer Ink Supplies

Redenet offer amazing savings and discounts not only on best quality compatible inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges but all our other products and services.

Redenet’s inkjet cartridge and toner cartridge range covers all major brands including Epson, Canon, HP (Hewlett Packard ) Xerox, Samsung, Texas, Sharp, Lexmark, Brother. If your inkjet cartridge or toner cartridge isn’t listed then contact us and we will get a price for you.

Redenet can help you reduce the price of your printing cost with the use of high quality compatible inkjet cartridge and toner cartridges, together with a fast and efficient service, saving you time and money. Deliveries of all inkjet and toner cartridges are free.

Along with our quality compatible inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges, we also supply a range of other products including computer hardware and computer software click on and order on line.

Redenet's Green Scheme

Many schools, colleges and businesses are helping the environment and boosting their funds or those of a nominated charity, by joining Redenet Sales Limited’s Ink Jet and Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling Scheme.

Recycling cartridges reduces waste it also reduces the energy use by eliminating the need to produce a new cartridge each time one is needed. And because the recycling is done in Rochdale, Manchester, rather than being exported, we’re also reducing the energy used in transportation.

These savings are then passed back to Schools and other customers because the refilled cartridges are significantly cheaper than normal branded cartridges.

E.g. HP black cartridge can be bought for approximately £23 +VAT whereas buying the equivalent cartridge from Redenet sales Limited will cost £11.95 +VAT a saving of around 50%.

Everyone’s a winner from Schools, Parents, and Colleges to Businesses who can buy cheaper high quality cartridges. There is less waste put into landfill or incineration, less energy is used so reducing the production of greenhouse gases so helping the environment.

A school joining the scheme benefit by way of credits paid for cartridges collected by the pupils and staff and returned to Redenet Sales Limited. Each cartridge is worth an amount.

All credits accrewed can be redeemed on Redenet Sales limited products this may be new cartridges or computer equipment and other services.

For more details about the scheme and how to join please contact Redenet Sales Limited:

Phone: 0870 1904119

One of our representatives will call and talk you though the scheme. After joining Redenet Sales limited we will provide you with a Recycling Kit including recycling bin, information letters for pupils and employees and posters for the school.

How does the Scheme work?

  • When you have a quantity of cartridges to collect, call Redenet sales Limited on the number above to arrange a picked up. If however you have large quantities to collect on a regular basis, we will arrange collections to suit.
  • We then audit the cartridges and send the appropriate ones to be remanufactured in Rochdale.
  • We produce credits on behalf of the participants in the Scheme.
  • These credits can then be used to purchase any of Redenet’s products or services.

The Rochdale facility

  • Has fully documented procedures for remanufacture and structured guidelines in place.
  • Ensures all cartridges are tested for and guaranteed to match the page

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