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Bomford Family History in Alcester


Hello Alcester people or Friends of Alcester people.


I submitted this page in order to find some information out regarding my family, who formerly lived in Alcester.


My great-grand-father Edgar Bomford, lived in "Inkneil House" (spelling may be incorrect), in Alcester. His vocation was a farmer. My grand-father's name is George Bomford and he was born in Alcester 15 May 1880. He moved to South Africa to join the South African Constabulary in 1901, then found his way to Australia, where later he was a Lt in the Australian Army during WW1 and saw service in Northern France, before he was badly wounded.


If anyone has any information on the address above (if it still exists), I would like to know any info on it, or if anyone has information on my family, I would be over the moon.


I am a "grandson" of Alcester, therefore I have a blood link to the town. One day I hope to visit. My lovely wife was born in Oxwich, Wales, of English parents, so the circle has been completed.


I have added a picture of my grand-dad, he was a true gentleman, I would have loved to meet him, but he passed away of the family curse (heart disease(which I also have) before I was born)


Thanks for looking at my contribution to your lovely township.


David B


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