Alcester, Manitoba, Canada



There was a town called Alcester in Manitoba, Canada. Originally it was a scattered community of homesteads dotted about the prarie land of south-west Manitoba. In 1906 it was given a nucleus in the form of a railway station and grain collecting centre for a new railway from North Dakota, USA, crossing the Canadian border and proceeding northwards to the long established town of Brandon.  The Brandon, Saskatchewan and Hudson's Bay Railway brought birth to a number of small towns along its track between the border and Brandon.  The economy of all of them was sustained by the grain trade.  It had a short history, however, by the late 1920's freight and passenger income declined, there was a drought on the praries and in 1929 the collapse of the Stock Market.  The Depression meant the railway lost money and in 1936 the company closed the line and dismantled the stations.  This proved the end of several of the new towns, including Alcester: open fields now mark the sites.



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